How to Write a Great Article


Writing a good article is more an art than a science and many people struggle through the process. Still, there are many tips that can help you significantly when you are trying to write a great article. Try some of these tips before writing your next article and see how it compares.

Plan the Article in Advance

It is important to figure out what you are going to write on before you start writing. The first step in doing so is reading the instructions thoroughly and reaching out to the article requester if you are not clear on the article request. Once you have an idea of the article topic you can start to draft an outline that lists out the major points that you want to capture in the article. An outline can help to make the article be better organized and capture the content in a way that you want it to. It is a prerequisite to writing and time should be taken to make the outline complete. Below each outlined topic be sure to make the major points that you want to highlight when writing the article.

Draft an Article and then Revise it

Once you have the outline of your article outlined, you will need to start writing it. Write by section and note those sections where you will need more information and research to beef up. Take care to craft interesting sections but don’t make the writing too ornate or challenging to read. Once you have outlined your article then the job is not done. You will need to work on further improving it by reviewing it and revising it. This revision process should involve eliminating spelling and grammar errors and improving the tone and flow of the article. Revise the essay and article as needed and further revise it until you have written a good article.

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