What is an Essay Maker and Should You Use One for School?

Using an essay maker is something many highschool and college students are now doing. What is an essay maker and, if you are having problems writing essays for school or university, should you use one too?

What is an essay maker? -- You will find these software programs hosted on various websites around the Internet. They usually offer to write an essay for you for only a cost of a few dollars, and are able to write them on any topic and in any length.

You choose the essay you want by keying into the program keywords that describe the topic. The essay maker then creates it for you.

How long does it take to get a paper from an essay maker? -- A typical essay maker compiles the paper from research online, and then reproduces something that fits your keyword description.

As this is a computer program, it does not take the hours or days it might take a typical human being. Instead, an essay maker can write an essay for you in under a minute and on any topic.

Of course, the longer the essay you need, the longer it takes to create. In many cases, however, you will be delivered an essay in under five minutes.

Should you use one for school? -- As these essays are compiled from information all over the Internet, which is then combined into one essay, it probably is not a good idea to hand it in to your professor in the form you receive it.

Instead, it is best to use that essay as the base for your own paper. In other words, you can re-write it in your own words so that it both sounds like it comes from you, and seems to be an original paper.